I'm running to serve you as North Carolina Commissioner of Labor. Will you stand with me? 

About Pearl Burris Floyd

Pearl Burris Floyd is a small business owner, leader in healthcare policy and administration, a former Gaston County Commissioner, a former State Representative representing Gaston and Cleveland Counties, and a proud conservative Republican North Carolinian running for Commissioner of Labor.  

Currently, Pearl is the President and CEO of Hidden Gemstones Consulting, LLC and PBF Ministries, where Pearl specializes in winning souls for Christ, identifying hidden talents of employees and developing healthy workplace environments. Previously, Pearl served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce, as Vice President of Government Affairs at the Greensboro Partnership, and was a senior advisor to the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Pearl worked for many years as a Cytologist, leading her to national recognition in healthcare leadership.  

Pearl served North Carolinians as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives from 2008 – 2010, where she led on solving problems in business and in healthcare across our communities. Pearl currently serves on the UNC Board of Governors and on the CaroMont Regional Medical Center Board of Directors.  

A graduate of North Gaston Senior High, Pearl went onto graduate from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Biology and Cytology. She later went onto graduate from Pfeiffer University with a Masters in Health Adminstration.  

Pearl is a proud “Mom” to 1 adult daughter, “GiGi” to 2 beautiful granddaughters, “Ma” to her Son-in-love and “Big Sis” to her 3 brothers. Pearl is an ordained Baptist preacher who attends First Baptist Church in Dallas, North Carolina where she serves as an Associate Pastor and Trustee Board and Finance Committee Chair. 


Support North Carolina Businesses

A business leader, Pearl understands the needs and challenges that businesses of all sizes face -- which is why, as a member of the North Carolina General Assembly, Pearl supported deregulation legislation that would allow businesses to grow and prosper. 

If elected North Carolina Commissioner of Labor, Pearl will continue to support policies that allow our job creators the opportunity to prosper without hindrance from the government.

Upgrade Our Department of Labor

Our Department of Labor interacts with nearly every industry and sector of our economy in North Carolina. It is imperative that our Department of Labor continue to remain responsible and resourceful to people and businesses.

If elected North Carolina Commissioner of Labor, Pearl will fight to modernize and make our Department of Labor more efficient, so that businesses and people may be unleashed.


Thankful to have the endorsement and support of current North Carolina Commissioner of Labor, Cherie Berry, who has honorably served our workers, businesses, and all North Carolina with distinction.  

"I proudly endorse Pearl Burris-Floyd for Commissioner of Labor. She is a proven public servant who would do a great job in that position for the hard-working citizens of North Carolina." - Rep. Larry Pittman, 9/18/2019  

"It is with great pride that I wholeheartedly endorse the candidacy of Pearl Burris-Floyd, for the office of NC Commissioner of Labor.  

I served with Pearl in the NC General Assembly and I saw firsthand, her hard work and dedication to the constituents she represented. Pearl is a smart lady. She is also a kind and generous person who stands strong on her conservative values and her deep faith.  

Pearl has spent the majority of her professional career providing leadership on health and safety issues and speaking on matters that involve early detection of cancer, along with mental and behavioral care. I believe Pearl's education and business background, both in the health industry and in her experience as a small business owner, will serve her well in this position.  

I stand with retiring Labor Commissioner, Cherie Berry in her endorsement of Pearl Burris Floyd. Commissioner Berry knows better than anyone, the challenges facing our Labor Department." - Rep. Carolyn Justice, 9/21/2019

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